We are offering a brass processing service of your brass. Please contact us at tjconevera@reagan.com or by phone at 800-858-8067 before shipping anything. This way we will be expecting it and let you know if there are any delays with processing certain calibers. Minimum 10,000 pieces need to be sent.

You will be responsible for the shipping to and from our facility. Debris and other foreign objects need to be removed from the brass. The brass must be sorted, we will not sort your brass. There should not be any aluminum or steel in with the brass. If we receive brass that is not sorted, it will not get processed and you will have to make arrangements for it to be returned. The brass will be processed on Scharch machines. They check the round for cracks, removes the spent primer, and reams the primer pocket. Brass will not be cleaned, resized, trimmed or primed. There may be additional charges for broken floats or excessive broken decapping pins due to berdan primed brass (usually only applies to 223s). For 45 auto processing please sort them by large pistol or small pistol primers.

We will need to have payment before processed brass is shipped back. Payment can be made by calling us with a credit card or a check. If paying by check, it will have to clear before brass is shipped out. We are not responsible for damaged or lost packages being shipped to and from our facility.

9mm/38spl/357mag/380 auto/ 40 S&W/ 45 Auto SP/ 45 Auto LP $24.00 per 1000
223/ 308 $29.00 per 1000